cruelty party porn

cruelty party porn

Let me tell you about my first cruelty party porn 😉 It was several years ago. I rented a flat to nice two sisters. One day, like every month, I came for payment. I went into saloon and sat comfortable in armchair. Waiting for cofee, I looked around, and my eyes sticked to weird things laying on table on the other side of room. It were collars of different width, leashes, handcuffs and balls on belts ( later I know more about these balls) and other devices which I can’t compare with nothing what I know. I got coffee and started talk. It took about 20 minutes, than I lost my film. I waked up. I felt big headache, I wanted to touch the place of pain but my hands was tied on my back. I was prisoned! It was definitely fem domination! Slowly I started coming round, asking myself (only in mind, cause in my mouth sticking out the ball, which I had seen before): what happened? I lied on blanket, on the floor in small room, naked, gagged with chained hands. I raised my head to look around and saw metal clamp on my leg connected with heater by thick chain… . These bitches made cruelty party using me! They started play with my body, penis in whaterever you can imagine. See girl gang bang on crazy videos! Cruelty Party

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